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             The	Trez	Sez

             For those of you who were not present at the business meeting, or who did not attend the
             reunion, we had a very successful two-year period ending September 30, 2018.  In addition
             to the 223 lifetime memberships that were purchased, we had over $9,000 transferred into
             our  accounts  from  the  former  RAFINCO  organization  during  this  same  period.    All  this
             resulted in the increase of our total assets from $69,857.79 to $105,972.11.
             During the months following September 30, 2018, we have seen some severe downward
             movement in the stock market, which has had some negative (hopefully temporary only)
             impact on our conservative fixed-income investments. The financial statement is enclosed
             for  your  information.    We  are  reviewing  the  financial  results  of  our  2018  reunion  and  it
             appears to be, by all indications, a profitable one. Our reunions are required to be self-
             sufficient and have actually contributed to our organization’s net worth over the years.  The
             financial results of the reunion will be provided to the membership with the next newsletter.
             Now we must ask a favor from some of you!  At press time, there were 88 of you that are
             delinquent in the payment of your dues, ranging from one to three years in back payments.
             Now is the time for you to step up and show your commitment to this wonderful organization
             that just keeps getting better.  Second, there are 136 of you that will be up for renewal at the
             end  of  this  month.  Please  consider  paying  for  lifetime  dues;  that  will  also  show  your
             commitment to our organization.  If you have questions, please send me an email.
             Imre Volgyi, Treasurer

             2020	Reunion	Newz

             It is never too early to start reunion planning.  With that
             said, the next reunion in 2020 is already in motion and
             progressing  well.  The  2020  RAFINO  reunion  will  be
             held in beautiful Charleston, SC. The location for this
             event  will  be  at  the  North  Charleston  Crown  Plaza
             Hotel during October 7 through 11, 2020. It is in very
             close proximity to the Charleston Airport, and there is
             a shuttle that will take you right to the hotel.  For those
             driving, it is easily accessible from Interstate 26, which
             is the main thoroughfare that leads to Charleston.
             I met personally with The Group Sales Director, Ms. Angie Gibbs, a couple of weeks ago and was
             able to get a complete walkthrough of the property and their accommodations.  They have a very
             nice hotel, and the room accommodations are beautiful and have been recently renovated.  They
             will be doing additional renovations to the lobby and the other common areas in the near future.  I
             am very pleased with this location and believe the team there will be very accommodating to our
             specific requirements.  I will provide more details in my next update.

             Troy Clay, Vice-President Reunions
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