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            01st    ANTHONY LEO LORENZ                             16th    L. JOHN ANCHOR
            01st    GARY L. MCCOURT                                16th    ARTHUR R. WINANS
            02nd    JAMES C. TOURGEE, Jr                           17th    SHELTON J. CHAMPAGNE
            03rd    EFRAIN MEDINA                                  17th    JEREMIAH P. GRIFFIN
            04th    BRUCE D. PAUL                                  18th    SCOTT A KRAAK
            05th    GENE P. ABEL                                   18th    EDWARD J. MCCAFFREY
            05th    JAMES AGRESTA                                  18th    LARRY G. VARCHETTI
            05th    RICHARD IPPOLITO                               18th    ANDREA D. WRIGHT
            06th    MARLIN D. ERICKSON                             19th    CONRADO S. BARRANCO
            06th    HANS KENNEDY                                   19th    BILLIE J. KENNEDY
            07th    MICHAEL J SCHROEDER                            20th    CARLTON E. DAVIS
            08th    LOUIS A. CECCHINI                              21st    GEORGE T. BECKETT
            08th    MAX JOSEPH JAKEMAN                             21st    JOHN M. GASPER, Jr
            10th    LINDEN ACCURSO                                 21st    KATHY J HUTCHINS
            10th    LARRY E. HICKS                                 21st    WARREN R. NEILL, Jr
            10th    ROBERT M. SPEER                                22nd    GEORGE W. DAWLEY
            10th    MARLENA O. WALKER                              22nd    DUANE G. INGALSBE
            11th    JAMES E. GRAHAM                                22nd    PATRICK T. SHINE
            11th    EMIL J. KOVALCHIK                              23rd    AUDREY P. LEACH
            12th    JAMES L CURREN                                 24th    JAMES M. ENGOGLIA
            13th    WAYNE A. BORGMANN                              26th    PRESTON MOON
            13th    HERBERT L SWARTS                               26th    MARY F. SMITH
            14th    DIANNA M. PUTNAM                               27th    JESSE T. SABLAN
            14th    ROBERT U. SCHULTZ, Jr                          28th    WILLIS D. T. DARNELL
            14th    HAROLD E. WRIGHT                               28th    JOHN A. KJELLSTROM
            15th    EUGENE T. HANSEN                               28th    SCOTT REDEKER

                                                    Hitch Hiker
        I	picked	up	a	hitch-hiker.

        Seemed	like	a	nice	guy.
        After	a	few	miles	he	asked	me	if	I	wasn't	afraid	he	might	be	a	serial	killer?

        I	told	him	the	odds	of	two	serial	killers	being	in	the	same	car	was	extremely	unlikely.

        I	think	he	wet	his	pants.
        --From	Dave	Mikkelson
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