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                    Subject	                     Page
                         	                          	                             RAFINO	Officers
       Prez	Sez	                                   3

       1 	VP	                                      4	                                  President
                                                                                     Larry Elsom
       Webmaster	                                  4

       Treasurer	                                  5	                            1st Vice-President

       VP	Reunion	                                 5	                                 Earl Daniels

       VP	Surviving	Spouses	                       6	                           Secretary/Treasurer

       Taps	                                       7	                                 Imre Volgyi

       Reunion	2018	Pictures	                      8	                              Asst Treasurer

       Birthdays	                                  9	                              Anthony Lorenz

       Membership	Snapshot	                        11
                                                                                   Asst Secretary

                    - To Our Membership -                                             Rex Brown

      This is your newsletter. As such, we encourage
      your feedback, and comments are always                                      VP Membership
      welcomed as to how we can improve.                                            Richard Rosen

      We’d also like to know what you have been up to
      since you retired. Do you have a favorite fishing,                            VP Reunions
      travel, charity, grandchildren story?                                            Troy Clay

      You write the article, and we will publish it! The
      cutoff for articles is February, May, August, and                       VP Surviving Spouses
      November. No politics, racial, or slanderous articles                          Ann Tolbert

      Thank you
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