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            The	Vice	Prez	Sez

                                                    I am honored you elected me to be your Vice-President
                                                    for the next two years; and, I thank you for your vote of
                                                    confidence.  However, I believe the vote tally was close
                                                    enough to say, we should have had co-vice-presidents.

                                                     When I was asked to put my name in the hat for Vice-
                                                    President,  I  asked,  “What  were  the  duties  and
                                                    responsibilities?”  I was told, “Whatever you want.”  Never
                                                    having been told that before, how could I say no? After
                                                    reading my job description, which confirmed what I was
                                                    told,  I  read  the  job  description  for  our  President  and
                                                    concluded  my  primary  mission  is  to  help  keep  Larry
                                                    healthy and functional, because I certainly do not what to
                                                    have to assume his duties.

            Not one to remain idle, I will be working with our Vice President for Recruiting, Rick Rosen.
            Vice President for Recruiting is not a job for one or two people, but for all of us.

            Rick and I have divided our membership into four districts by states.  We would like each
            district to have a District Administrator and each state to have representative for recruiting.  In
            that regard, in the near future, we will be contacting some of you to assist us in filling those
            recruiting positions.  We will greatly appreciate your willingness to serve.  For RAFINO to
            effectively fulfill its purpose, we need more lifetime members and new members.

            Again, I thank you and look forward to serving with our energetic and enthusiastic RAFINO
            staff, epitomized by our President, to address the challenges that are before us.

            Earl Daniels, Vice-President

            The	Webmaster	Sez

            Is your birthday on file with us?

            When we first started RAFINO, we tried to capture the month and day of
            our members’ birth.  When we moved to the lifetime membership option,
            we added the full date of birth.  While many of our members have provided              Your	Webmaster
            this information to us, there is still a good number that have not done so.            Robbie	Robson

            Please check your member record and verify that we have your full date of birth.  When you
            enter, or change that date, the month and day fields, which are used to produce our birthday
            rosters, will automatically populate.

            This is really important for our surviving spouses, for whom birthday information is often
            incorrectly reported using their deceased spouse’s birthdate.

            Contact me at if you need help.
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