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                          Keeping	the	Finance	Family	Together

                                                   The	Prez	Sez

                                                      Well,	the Albuquerque Reunion is in the books, and by
                                                      all accounts it was one of the most successful reunions
                                                      we’ve had. I hope that everyone in attendance had a
                                                      great time, and I thank you all for your support.

                                                      Once again, hats off to Bruce and Harold and their
                                                      entire team for an outstanding job.

                                                      I look forward to seeing you all at our next reunion in
                                                      Charleston. Much more will follow in later editions of
                                                      the Reporter regarding the Charleston 2020 Reunion.

                                                      As we begin our two-year tour of duty, your Board of
                                                      Officers is committed to upholding the high standards
                                                      set by the previous Board.

                                                      Our initial focus will be on increasing our membership
            by aggressive and innovative recruiting practices, including setting up recruiting regions and
            partnering with the Financial Management School to promote RAFINO to all FM soldiers
            nearing retirement.

            We will also work to increase lifetime memberships and get more of our associate members
            (surviving spouses) involved in RAFINO activities, especially reunions.

            On a personal note, Karen and I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a prosperous New

                       The  Mission of The Retired U.S. Army Finance Organization (RAFINO)

                           •  Maintain and periodically distribute a roster to facilitate the
                              continuation of good fellowship among retired members;
                           •  Issue a periodic hard copy newsletter to the members;
                           •  Maintain a current web page on the Internet to provide current
                              information to the members and facilitate the exchange of
                              information between members, with appropriate links for the
                              convenience of members, prospective members, or legitimate
                              researchers, having access to the internet; and
                           •  Conduct periodic reunions.
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