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                01st    ANNIE L WALKER                                  13th    JAMES J. WATKINS
                02nd    REGINALD A. GAYLE                               14th    HECTOR PEREZ
                02nd    JAMES R. LOVE                                   16th    RICHARD J. HINTON
                03rd    ROBERT L. GORDON                                16th    CURT A RAUHUT
                03rd    JAMES R. MARTENS                                18th    ALEXANDER G. THOMSON
                04th    THOMAS F. CONRAD                                18th    JOSEPH L. WATSON, Jr
                04th    HARLEY R. MOHR                                  19th    FRANK C. BROWN
                05th    MICHAEL S. LAWSON                               19th    BRUCE G. FONDA
                05th    GARY D. PENN                                    19th    RICHARD M. HAHN
                05th    WILLIAM A. SHIRLEY                              19th    ELLIOUS J. LEE, Jr
                06th    KAYE A. TAYLOR                                  19th    MICHAEL J. WEST
                08th    STEVAN W. CADY                                  20th    MARJORIE L. ARNOLD
                08th    WILLIAM G. MORGAN, Jr                           21st    WILLIAM L. CROWSON
                10th    KY CLARK                                        22nd    RONALD E. ALLEN
                11th    SCOTT D KROEGER                                 23rd    EDWARD L. DAVIDSON
                11th    C. DALE PREETORIUS                              24th    RUSSELL J. DELANEY
                12th    DAISY C. BROWN                                  24th    JACKIE A. VAN HOOK
                12th    THOMAS L BROWN                                  25th    JACK L LANSFORD
                12th    THOMAS W. O'SULLIVAN                            28th    WILLIAM EARL DANIELS
                12th    EDGAR E. STANTON, III                           28th    MARTIN P. STEIN
                13th    RUSSELL H. DOWDEN, Jr                           30th    DAVID L. KIMBERLING
                13th    JOSEPH R LOFTIN                                 31st    CHARLES J. COSTELLO
                13th    PAUL MORRISSETTE                                31st    WILLIAM E. KEACH

                                   Bad Misunderstanding with the Cashier

             Had a bad mix-up at the store today when the cashier said strip down facing me.

             Apparently, she was referring to my credit card.
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