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RAFINO Bulletins for Past 360 Days

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Posted Headline Classification Type
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7/30/2015 Update (#28) on Ernie Gregory Member Illness Bulletin
7/30/2015 ALICE LEE EMERSON (data change) Member Data Change Bulletin
7/23/2015 GEORGE ERIC REID (data change) Member Data Change Bulletin
7/22/2015 New Member - COL FERDINAND F PETERS New Member Bulletin
7/13/2015 New Member - GS12 GARY OLSON New Member Bulletin
7/7/2015 New Member - COL KATHLEEN R BENNETT New Member Bulletin
7/5/2015 Camp Kuwae - Research Request GeneralNotice History
6/24/2015 RAFINO.ORG Maintenance Outage GeneralNotice Bulletin
6/24/2015 30 June - Leap Second Addition GeneralNotice Bulletin
6/17/2015 Mikkelson Girls Back Home Finance Family Bulletin

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