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Al ABBOTT - Soldier and Philantropist

727, 26 Dec 2012

Just got off the phone with LTC(R) Al Abbott.  Al is our resident centenarian, having turned 100 just last March (2012).


Al is doing well in his new hometown of Albuquerque, NM.  He does not have a computer or email/web access.  However, he reiterated several times how much he loved the Army and, especially, the Finance Corps.  He relished the few contacts he has with his old comrades-in-arms.  
It wouold be a very nice touch if each of us who can takes a moment out over the next few months and sends him a short note or phone call.  He would really like to hear from anyh or all of us.  It was a little embarrassing when he asked me " and where were you in the war?" and I knew that he was talking about WWII! (I was in diapers and knee shorts during the war!)
Al said he was sorry he was unable to make the reunion in San Antonio.  I told him we'd be having another reunion in 2014.  He inquired as to the location and, when I told him it was in Baton Rouge, he immediately said "Ah, Louisiana ... I think I can make that one".  In other words, the challenge was not in the number of years to the next reunion, but rather simply the number miles to it.  We certainly hope we will get to see him there in 2014!
As an aside, after the phone call, I Googled Al's name on the web.  Up came this nice article about Al, and his volunteer efforts in the Albequerque comnmunity.  Two endowments and still chugging.  Check out the article giving details.

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