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101st Finance Memorial Help Needed

1459, 11 Dec 2015

On 12 Decamber, 1985, 248 soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division perished in the crash of Arrow Air Flight 1285, Dec. 12, 1985, near Gander International Airport in Newfoundland.  Among those soldiers were two Finance Corps soldiers, 1LT Avillan, and SGT Murray.

CSM John Medley was the 101st Finance SGM, LTC Larry Hacker was the Finance Officer, and John Null was the 101st Finance First Sergeant. Mary Kay and  Bruce Prater were on the D-Team and were instrumental in maintaining contact with the Sinai deployed team. Their interaction made it possible to accurately ID the 248 soldiers killed in the crash. This caused the 101st Finance Office to be 100% prepared to provide finance support to the survivors of the fallen soldiers.  Later, John Medley was instrumental in establishing the 101st Finance Corps Gander Crash Memorial.

CSM Larry Elsom has discovered that the 101st Finance Gander Crash Memorial has been relegated to storage at the Ft. Campbell Museum. Apparently, after the finance building was torn down to make room for another facility, the Memorial was placed in storage instead of being properly displayed along with other unit Gander Memorials. 

Larry wants  to get the RAFINCO/RAFINO leadership and members behind this. He will be happy to take the lead, but needs to know he can drop members' name(s) with those he deals with. Would like to see this resolved by the time we meet in Las Vegas.

If you support Larry in his efforts to right this wrong, please send him an email to that effect and tell him he can "drop" your name in the effort.

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