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Registering for the Reunion

Online registration for the reunion involves several screens which break the registration process up into 3 manageable steps.
This page describes the screens and the process.


When you register you will provide:

  • basic info about your attendance, recap, payment , travel plans, lodging, etc

    This screen also provides a convenient recap of your registration details and, if you have not yet made your payment of amounts due, allows you to make your payment to RAFINO on-line, using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.
  • identification of the attendees in your party (including youself)
  • your (and the other attendees' in your party) selections from a list of reunion activities and events availeable at the reunion

You can always return to your registration to make changes during the open registration period, up to point you have made your payment via PayPal. 
Once payment has been made, the PayPal gets disabled, the revenue-related activities on the selection screen get locked, and changes must be referred to reunion management for consideration on a case-by-case basis.
You may change selections that do not affect revenues at any time up to to 15 Sep 2022


Screen 1 - Basic Info

Id and Status

This screen identifies you and provides info about your dues status and whether or not you have been invoiced (or have paid) for your Reunion charges yet. 

It also is the place where, if you need to do so, you can cancel/ de-activate your registration prior to making your payment.

Travel, Lodging, Requirements

It also asks for information about your travel plans to/from the Reunion, where and how long you will be staying while at the Reunion, and any special requirements you might have.

The system tries to make educated guesses about your most likely plans and fills in the blanks/buttons with those assumptions (which, of course, you can change).

Note: for Hotel Reservations, you must use the hotel's special online reservation service for the 2020 reunion: (click this link to go to that service). If you have issues with the link, the phone number for reservations is 800-233-1234. Use the reservation code "BIENNIAL REUNION".

Recap (if registration fully completed)

If you have previously completed all three screens of the registration, you will see a registration recap section below the basic info section.  There may be some warnings in red, indicating you must take action to fix errors that may have been found on your registration.

The registration recap shows a short summary listing your attendees and their selections. It will have a number of navigation buttons which allow you to

  • Go directly to Screen 2 to review/edit Attendees
  • Go directly to Screen 3 to Review/Edit the Selections


There are navigation buttons at the top and bottom of the screen which allow you to:

  • Cancel any pending updates and return to the RAFINO home page
  • Post any changes and return to the RAFINO Home Pags
  • Navigate to the next screen, screen 2, Attendee info
  • Access this "Help" page
  • If you have not already done so, Pay your registration charges via the Paypal system (using your credit or debit card, or, if you have one, your existing PayPal account).
    (Since the current version of RAFINO website only supports PayPal for the initial payment on a registration, the Pay button goes away once you have successfully made your payment)

Screen 2 - Attendees

This screen lists the Attendees, including yourself, in your party.  The program automatically creates a list of attendees, using your membership roster data to fill in the attendee information for you (and your spouse, if the membership records so indicates). 

You can manage the attendees on screen 2 using the buttons/links in the "Action" column of the table of Attendees:

  • Add a New Attendee another attendee: click on the "Add a New Attendee" button at the top of the "Action" column
  • view the details on an attendee: In the action column, click on the "view" link corresponding to the desired attendee.
  • edit the details on an attendee: In the action column, click on the "edit" link corresponding to the desired attendee.
  • remove an attendee: In the action column, click on the "remove" link corresponding to the desired attendee.

Each Attendee will have an editable Rank or Honorific (e.g., COL, CSM, MRS, MS). Its default value will be the value, if any, in the "Rank" field of the member record in the member roster (or, for a spouse of a member, the value "MR" or "MS", based upon the member's gender).

Each attendee will be in one of the following roles:

  • Registrant: that is you - the RAFINO Member
  • Registered Spouse/Guest: this is a registered individual (your spouse, significant other, or your full-fee guest)
  • Guest: This is someone who is attending as a member of your party and is other than you or your spouse.

The screen has three navigation buttons:

  • Post any changes and return to screen 1, or
  • Post any changes and move on to screen 3
  • A "Help" button

Screen 3 - Activity/Event/Menu Selections

This screen handles the meat of your registration.  Here you make selections from among the presented array of activities and/or their option choices.

The selections screen is ma tabular display whose rows are the Reunion Activities/Events and whose columns are headed by each Attendee's nickname.  At the intersection of each row/column is a checkbox where you can make a selection for the Attendee.   


  • To make a selection in a checkbox, click on the box to cause a checkmark to appear.
  • To remove a selection in a checkbox, click on it to make the checkmark disappear.

DropDown Boxes:

  • To make a selection in a dropdown box, click on it and scroll down to the option you want and click on the option to select. 
  • To de-select an option, click on the dropdown box and return to the top of the list of options (the item that is either blank or has words to suggest you have not yet made a selection for that activity/attendee). 
  • To change a selection previously made, click on the dropdown box, scroll down to the desired option, and click on it

You and your spouse (or full-fee guest, if any) MUST make at least a Banquet choice by selecting a meal from the dropdown box under the attendee's name on the Registratuin Fee/Banquet line.
(Note: The 2020 Reunion introduced a "tiered" registration fee, based upon the membership status of the registrant. This example shows the selection for a member who is a Life member; the system knows the status of the registrant and automatically presents the correct "tier".)

We have implemented the on-line seating chart for the 2020 Reunion's banquet. At any time (up to the change cutoff date of 15 Sep 2022) you can review and make/change your banquet table assignment. See Automated Seating Chart, below.


At the top and bottom of the screen are five navigation buttons:

  • Cancel and return to RAFINO home page
  • Post Changes to the DB and return to Screen 1 of your Registration to review recap and/or make your on-line Payment via PayPal
  • Post Changes to the DB and return to Screen 2 (Attendees) of your Registration
  • Post Changes to the DB and return to RAFINO home page
  • a "Help" button.

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