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2693, 29 Jun 2020

From: RAFINO President

To: Active RAFINO Members

Subject: RAFINO 2020 Reunion


Fellow members:

After much deliberation and careful review of nationwide, and in particular the Charleston, SC area Covid-19 infection data, both current and projected, and with the health and welfare of our members and guests as our paramount concern, your RAFINO Board of Officers has decided to delay the 2020 Reunion scheduled for 7-11 October, 2020 for 12 months until October, 2021.  Our hosting hotel and excursion partners have informed us that they have open dates to accommodate us during the rescheduled time.  We will advise you of the new dates as soon as coordination is complete. 

In a recent survey sent out to registered participants regarding the possibility of a delayed reunion, there was close to unanimous support for allowing the RAFINO Treasurer to hold already paid registration and event fees in the event the reunion was to be delayed by 6-12 months.  By holding the already submitted payments and applying them to the new reunion, we will avoid further PayPal or credit card processing fees.  Our hosting hotel and excursion partners have agreed to honor previously negotiated rates, including our group room rate of $138.00 per room, per night for the new reunion dates.  We will advise you soon as to what, if any individual interaction with the hotel regarding moving room reservations will be.  We will work with the hotel for a blanket movement of already made reservations.  However, if any already registered and paid up member desires to cancel their registration now and not carry over to the new dates, we will certainly refund you in full. If you desire a full refund, contact our Treasurer, Imre Volgyi at: thevolgyis@epbfi.com.  If you do decide to cancel your registration, you will be responsible for canceling your room reservations with the hotel.

I want each of you to know your Board did not take this decision lightly and we fully understand any disappointment or inconvenience this action may cause.  However, as stated above, our number 1 priority in taking this decision is the health and welfare of our members, their families and guests, of which many are in the Covid-19 “high risk” category.  I hope to see each and every one of you in Charleston in October of 2021.

As for the 2022 Reunion currently planned for Indianapolis, the current Board of Officers will recommend to the new board to continue with the 2022 Reunion as planned, thereby adhering to our even numbered year cycle.


Larry J. Elsom

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Member Comments on This Bulletin

6/30/2020 2:13:26 PM COL Kevin G. Troller

Thanks Larry, Troy, and all board members.  Personally I think you've made the right call given where we're at with COVID and the uncertainty we're still in.  Hope to see you all in 2021.  Troy, excellent job working this reunion; and all the associated work of rolling everything to 2021.  Kevin

6/30/2020 8:36:26 AM SGM JAMES C. TOURGEE, Jr

Thanks to the current board members for making a very wise decision. Next year we will insure to make up for this one.  jctjr

6/30/2020 6:36:28 AM COL David W. Mikkelson

A wise decision with a great follow up plan!

6/29/2020 7:23:47 AM LTC S. STEWART RIDGEWAY, Jr

Completely agree. I've already had 2 other reunions cancelled. Much as we do not want to admit it, we are at what they call "the vulnerable demographic". Everyone stay safe and healthy.

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