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Main Menu Organization and Layout

Main Menu

Across the top of each page you will find a line of "tabs" making up the main menu for the website. Over time, the layout of the menu may change as sections of the website are added, changed, or removed, but, for the most part, the menu will be basically similar to the figure below:

The above figure show the full-blown menu as a site administrator would see it. Depending upon your role and whether or not you are logged in, the menu items will change from the above figure. For example, the figure below shows the menu items that a logged in user with no special privileges would see:

The Menu is "sticky", that is, if the page you are viewing has more information than can fit on your screen, when you scroll down to see more of the page, the Menu will "stick" in its place at the top of the page, ensuring you always have the menu available to you wherever you might browse.

Each tab is named for one of the major sections in the website. Some names have a small downward arrow out to the right of the name. For these tabs, if you hover your mouse over the name, a sub menu will drop downbelow it. For example, hovering the mouse over the "Membership" tab will result in a dropdown display similar to the one below:

Each item in the dropdown list is either a link to a page on the site or a top-level entry into a lower-level dropdown list. The entry point items have a small arrow to the right of the name; the plain old links to pages have no such arrow.

For example, in the "News" dropdown list, clicking on the "Birthdays" entry takes you to the "Birthdays" page. Hovering over the "RAFINO Business" entry will cause a sub-menu to display, offering you more choices:

Organization of the WebSite

As mentioned above, the organization of the website will occasionally me modified, as events dictate. However, for the most part, the organization will be pretty much as depicted below. The listing below shows the organization of the website ant the items that are available to you (predicated upon your current login status and the privileges which may have been assigned to you by the webmaster:

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